Community Services
Loudoun Sherriff's Office
This office provides law and street parking enforcement for the community. Their non-emergency number is (703) 777-1021.  Please call 911 with more immediate emergencies.
Loudoun County Government Offices
This office provides numerous services to the community, including animal control, street signs, zoning issues, home occupants, etc.  Please call (703) 777-0100 for assistance.
Trash/Recycling/Yard Waste Removal
Evolution Disposal provides Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste collection in the community based on the following schedule.    
Trash Pickup: Mondays & Thursdays
Recycling Pickup:  Thursdays
Yard Debris Pickup:  Mondays
If pickup is missed due to a holiday, collection will occur on the next scheduled service day. 
Yard Debris must be bundled or in Paper Lawn / Refuse Bags (no plastic bags).  Not to exceed 50lbs, should not contain dirt, stumps, rocks, sod, gravel, or whole trees.
Please see for general details and information on junk removal or removal of large items.
Please ensure your containers are stored out of sight when not placed out for collection on the night before or on scheduled days.
The common areas of the community are maintained by Buxus Landscape Solutions, and includes all mowing, edging, pruning, fertilization, weed control, aeration, overseeding and rotational flowers at the entrances.
Snow Removal
Snow removal is provided by Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) in the single family home streets - please call (703) 737-2000 with any questions.
The community employs LawnBoy Lawn Services to provide snow removal in the townhome streets and the community center parking lot.
Lake Management
Management of the lake is provided by Aquatic Environment Consultants, and includes water quality testing and debris removal twice a month.  In addition, an aeration system (bubbler) was installed to provide air to the deeper sections of the lake to circulate the water and improve the water’s health.
The Association also entered an agreement with Loudoun County under the Chesapeake Bay Protection Act to provide dredging of the forebays as required. 
Pet Waste Stations
There are several stations around the property to dispose of bagged pet waste managed by Doody Calls.  Bags are available on the stations, and the stations are serviced weekly on Wednesdays.