VDOF Tree Grant Program
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You may have noticed some new trees going up around the community recently. These leafy additions to the neighborhood are the result of our work with the Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF), and our 2023 grant qualification for free Virginia native trees & shrubs!
This ongoing tree planting initiative will enhance the beauty of our community, promote environmental sustainability, and increase property values. Here are the key points:
  • Natural loss of trees has left open areas in LARR that we hope to fill with new growth
  • With the assistance of the VDOF, we have selected and paid for new trees to be planted in LARR
  • In locations where trees are unsuitable, we have planted grasses and shrubs
  • VDOF will continue to assist our neighborhood to select the best species and provide expert guidance on placement and care
  • We will have volunteer beautification days, giving everyone in the community the chance to get involved and help beautify our neighborhood
Tree Grant Program FAQs
What is the VDOF Trees for Clean Water Program?
The Virginia Trees for Clean Water Grant Program was established to encourage the creation of long-term, sustained canopy cover to improve water quality across the Commonwealth of Virginia. This grant is used to fund tree-planting efforts and raise public awareness of the benefits of trees and impacts on water quality.
How much grant money did the LARR receive?
Our community was awarded $13,700 for 2023.
What is LARR's commitment in receiving this grant award?
As a condition of receiving grant funds, our community is committed to the following: 
  1. Continuous care and maintenance of all trees and shrubs planted
  2. Community involvement through volunteer activities that enhance our neighborhood
  3. Building educational awareness of the benefit of trees and native species
  4. Conducting neighborhood educational events that promote the planting of trees and native species
  5. Working with local nature clubs and other civic groups to assist in planting and maintenance
What type of trees and shrubs will be planted and where?
After an initial assessment with VDOF, the recommended planting locations included areas where trees were lost to disease/destruction and areas where we identified the greatest needs (e.g. - large open common areas lacking trees). See the planting map.
Why are only certain trees and shrubs selected and not others commonly seen in landscaping (e.g. - Crape Myrtle)?
VDOF's overall goal is to promote the planting of Virginia native species only; therefore, this is a condition of accepting monies awarded from their grant programs. If LARR chooses to plant non-native species, we will need to use our own funds to do so.
There are many common areas throughout the neighborhood that could really use more trees and shrubs. Why were these not selected?
The entire neighborhood was evaluated with over 25+ areas of need identified. The number of planting areas had to be reduced based on the funding actually received. LARR’s long-term plan is to enhance these remaining areas through future grant money.
I would like to volunteer to help with planting during our Earth Day and Arbor Day events. How do I sign up?
Awesome—we need as many volunteers as possible! Please reach out to the chair of the LARR Lake & Grounds Committee, Trinh Wauer (trinh.wauer@gmail.com), and she will add you to the volunteer list.
Upcoming Events
Keep LARR Beautiful Day
Sunday, June 3 2023

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Lakes at Red Rock Clubhouse
New Planting Photos
Here are photos of the new trees, shrubs and grasses that have been planted. Please check back throughout the year to see the growth and progress of your new, green neighbors!
VDOF Resources
Here are a few great brochures and posters from the Virginia Department Forestry:
Additional LARR VDOF Tree Grant Program Information
If you would like to learn more about LARR’s grant from VDOF, please reference the documents linked below.