Clubhouse Reservation
NEW, as of January 2019, the clubhouse has been freshly painted, shelves added in the pantry closet and men’s room storage closet, accessorized, and furnished!  The Lakes at Red Rock Clubhouse is available for private, non-commercial, non-profit events staged for the enjoyment of The Lakes of Red Rock residents and their guests. The Clubhouse is available for rent by its members in good standing with the LARR Homeowners Association. 
The rental fee is $25.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum required on all rentals.  Payment is required at the time of application approval.  Make check payable to "LARR HOA."
With all kindness, we request the following: If you wouldn't do it (or allow it) at your home, please don’t do it at “our home”.  This means stuff like allowing kids to stand on the furniture, pull on the curtains, perhaps drink a red drink on the furniture, duct tape on the walls, leaving messes behind, etc.  Please treat the space well, so we can enjoy it for a long time and please keep in mind that Smoking is prohibited in the clubhouse.
You will be responsible for any and all damages that occur due to or during your use of the facility which will be billed to the member responsible for rental of the facility.
To make a reservation, please go to Calendar to check for available time slots and use the Submit a New Event link when ready to make a reservation.  Be sure to send in payment and completed Clubhouse License Agreement at least 10 days prior to the event.


Tables and Chairs:

Folding chairs are now stored in the kitchen pantry closet: two rows directly in front of the door, as well as space to the right of the door. Folding tables are now stored in the men’s room storage closet.  There is a key for this closet hanging on a spiral cord, hanging in the guard room on a bulletin board.

If you require more tables than are in the closet, long, non-folding tables can be found in the outside closet directly to the left of the restrooms.  Small keys for those locks can be found hanging in the guard room. 

There is a new drop-leaf table that shall remain next to the bar as part of the “baseline” arrangement.  To use, simply lift and move the table in the “leaves down” position to desired spot, then lift leaves and position the hinged legs under the leaves.  Please don’t sit on this table.  Also, no more than 15lbs on either leaf.  Thanks.  If needed, there are 2 black tablecloths in the cabinets.  If soiled, please launder and return.

The Couches:

These couches are made to be modular!  They are just 22lbs a piece - so easy a child can move them! If you’d like to “lash” the pieces together, you can find straps in the kitchen drawer next to the pantry - these can be places around the legs of the couches. Summertime: the furniture is upholstered in sunbrella fabric, making it ok for outside use.  So, while it can handle a damp swimsuit, we ask that you avoid laying on it with sunscreen on, to prevent any stains. 


Feel free to roll up the big rug and tuck it in the guard room if it will improve the space for you event.  All we ask is that everything go back to “the baseline” before you go!  

If something gets spilled or broken involving the furniture or accessories, please notify our Property Manager at